29 March 2019
The 1st C3 China-US Healthcare Summit & 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium Opened in Beijing

Beijing, March 29, 2019 — The 1st C3 China-US Healthcare Summit & 4th China-US Hospital Management Symposium, opened here today. The event is jointly organized by the Health Human Resources Development Center (HHRDC) of China’s National Health Commission and C3 International Summit, under the guidance of the World Health Organization and China’s National Health Commission. It is designed to better embrace global healthcare challenges, to further promote cooperation and exchanges between China and the United States in the field of healthcare, and to manifest the mechanism for China-US cultural exchange. C3 stands for “Community, Collaboration and Commerce”, and the C3 Healthcare Summit aims to promote the win-win cooperation of global economies in healthcare.

Representatives and experts from the healthcare administrative authorities of China and the United States, as well as Chinese and foreign healthcare and research institutions, including Cleveland Clinic and Luye Medical (China), attended the summit. The participants held in-depth discussions about how to drive exchange and cooperation between China and the United States in the field of healthcare. This could involve sharing healthcare resources and information, the adoption of best practices, and healthcare-related activities including education, production, academics, research, integration and application.

The Chinese Government is striving to deliver on the “Healthy China” vision and participating in global health governance at multiple levels. This summit is of great importance to China’s international cooperation in healthcare, to building an international healthcare service system, and to internationalizing China’s healthcare institutions and products. It focused on best knowledge and best practices in healthcare from both China and the US, and there is no doubt that it became another major factor driving deeper China-US cultural exchanges and increasing bilateral business ties. China-US cooperation and innovation in the field of healthcare also provided important references for healthcare worldwide.

This summit involved topics such as international health cooperation, healthcare globalization, building global hospitals and training global healthcare professionals, China-US healthcare exchanges and cooperation, China-US innovation and cooperation regarding cancer diagnosis and treatment, and medical investments in China, the United States and globally. The summit also continued to drive the “China-US 100 Hospital Presidents Visiting Program”. In addition, healthcare service providers around the world attended the summit and conduct business exchanges.

A forerunner in China-US healthcare cooperation, Dr. Nizar Zein, Chairman of Global Patient Services at Cleveland Clinic, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Global Health Challenges”. Dr. Maan Fares, Vice Chairman of Global Patient Services at Cleveland Clinic, and Mr. Diao Haipeng, Chairman of Luye Medical (China), also participated in a panel discussion themed with “Tactical issues facing China-US healthcare exchanges and China-US joint hospital development”.

In 2018, Luye Medical Group and Cleveland Clinic had already announced their plan to build the first Cleveland Clinic Connected Hospital at Shanghai’s New Hongqiao International Medical Center. In this partnership, the two parties will collaborate with each other to provide value-based and patient-centered healthcare, to improve clinical outcomes, to perform complex and tech-intensive surgeries, and to work out a high-quality and innovative healthcare service model adopting international standards with Chinese characteristics.

Dr. Nizar Zein, Chairman of Global Patient Services at Cleveland Clinic

Dr.Nizar Zein said:

“Facing global health challenges, we can only provide more solutions for improving human health through ongoing innovation and cooperation,” said Dr. Nizar Zein. “Based on shared values and a common mission, Cleveland Clinic and Luye Medical have been collaborating with each other innovatively in multiple ways, including building the world’s first Cleveland Clinic Connected Hospital in Shanghai. In the future, we will continue to be patient-centric, to offer more innovative practices for China-US healthcare cooperation, and to help promote healthcare development around the world.”

A top international medical institution, Cleveland Clinic has always tried to provide the best healthcare services for patients.

Dr. Maan Fares, Vice Chairman of Global Patient Services at Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Maan Fares said:

“For nearly one hundred years, Cleveland Clinic has accumulated a wealth of useful experience in clinical operation, patient treatment, and the quality of care. It’s a great honor for us to collaborate with other medical institutions including Luye Medical, to help improve patient care in China, the United States and even the wider world.”

Under the “Healthy China 2030” strategy, there is a growing demand for first-class international healthcare services and experiences on the part of Chinese patients. Shanghai, the city with the biggest healthcare system in China, is set to drive the development of high-end healthcare services. Meanwhile, with the introduction of government policies encouraging investment from the private sector in healthcare, private hospitals are playing a more important role in China’s healthcare industry.

Mr. Diao Haipeng, Chairman of Luye Medical (China)

Mr. Diao Haipeng said,

“Providing the best healthcare services and resources for patients has been a driving force for Luye Medical since its inception,” said Mr. Diao Haipeng. “We will continue to work with Cleveland Clinic to further strengthen China-US healthcare cooperation, to adopt first-class international medical technologies, service concepts and management systems, to provide better services for Chinese patients, and to contribute to the ‘Healthy China 2030’ vision.”


About C3 Healthcare Summit

Luye Medical Group is the healthcare services arm of Luye Life Sciences Group. Luye Medical Group operates over 50 private healthcare facilities across China, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore through its subsidiaries and associates such as Healthe Care, OncoCare Cancer Centre, Novena Heart Centre and AsiaMedic. Healthe Care is the third largest private hospital group in Australia with over 35 facilities while OncoCare Cancer Centre and Novena Heart Centre are among the largest specialty clinics in Singapore in the areas of oncology and cardiology, respectively. In China, Luye Medical Group and internationally renowned Cleveland Clinic formed a strategic collaboration to build the first Cleveland Clinic Connected Hospital in Shanghai. Through introducing and innovating cutting-edge medical technologies, operation models, and management systems, Luye Medical Group is committed to providing patients with exceptional and value-based healthcare services; as well as leveraging on international expertise and know-how to bring world-class healthcare services to China and SE Asia.

About Luye Medical Group

Luye Medical is the regional healthcare services arm of Luye Group. Headquartered in Singapore, Luye Medical oversees operations in Australia, China, South Korea and Singapore including Healthe Care (Australia), AsiaMedic (Singapore), Luye Ellium (China and South Korea), Bobath Memorial Hospital (China) and GoodWill Dental (China). Through its acquisitions and partnerships with leading healthcare organisations, Luye Medical adopts and develop world­leading technology as well as operational and management systems. Luye Medical continues to strive to provide integrated and high ­quality healthcare services to both global and local customers and patients in pursuit of fulfilling its vision to become the leading global organisation in the healthcare industry.