22 January 2022
Mindfront Health Receives Pre-A Strategic Investment from Northern Light Venture Capital

The Leading Global Mental Health Brand Accelerates Footprints in China

22 Jan 2022, Shanghai – Mindfront Health recently announced it has completed a Pre-A strategic financing round and independent spin-off with the support of Northern Light Venture Capital, laying a solid foundation for accelerated future growth.

Officially founded in 2020, Mindfront Health (China) leverages on the mature clinical service products and operation system of Luye Medical Group and its 18 mental health hospitals in Australia, and with their continuous support of clinical, psychological and management experts, combined with strategic cooperation and expert support from well-known domestic psychiatric hospitals, Mindfront Health has laid out 6 clinics in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Xi’an, and launched an internet medical service platform. The offline clinics and online Internet medical services are taking shape.

After receiving this round of strategic investment from Northern Light Venture Capital and completing the independent spin-off from the Group, Mindfront Health will continue to firmly build up its comprehensive psychiatric and psychological therapy and service capabilities, building an integrated online and offline medical service system, and provide professional, evidence-based and accessible mental health services to hundreds of millions of people with mental disorders and mental subhealth in China,” said Mr. Tang Dekai, Chief Executive Officer of Mindfront Health (China).

In September 2020, Mindfront Health entered into a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Mental Health Center. Professor Xu Yifeng, then President of Shanghai Mental Health Center, said at the signing ceremony, “We are very optimistic about the excellent business capabilities of Mindfront Health’s team and its international professional background, its unique, world-class integrated mental health therapy system and service models, and its clinical therapy and academic achievements which are globally influential. We will establish close and pragmatic cooperation in multidisciplinary teamwork, treatment mechanism and discipline development to achieve complementary advantages and do our part to promote the development of China’s mental health service system.”

“Northern Light firmly believes that in the next 20-30 years, China’s healthcare industry will continue to undergo tremendous changes. There is huge room for development in both life sciences and medical services. Using expertise as a dynamic moat and holding on to long-term value are the typical hallmarks of ‘Unicorn Companies’.” Ms. Yu Fang, Partner of Northern Light Venture Capital, said, “Mindfront Health has systematically localized the international cutting-edge evidence-based diagnosis and therapy system, which is a new trend in domestic psychiatric private healthcare. The core management team of Mindfront has a long-term perspective and a new blueprint for long-term development in terms of academics, services, and operational effective-ness, and we will walk with Mindfront with certainty, forging ahead and creating the future together.

Ms. Liu Aona, Executive Chairperson of Luye Medical Group, said, “As a global mental health service brand strategically incubated by Luye Medical Group, Mindfront Health has now completed its spin-off and is ready to go. Northern Light’s Pre-A strategic investment reflects the capital market’s recognition and expectation of Mindfront Health’s business value and development prospect. In the future, we also hope that by introducing more high-quality strategic investment partners, we will be able to accelerate the landing of Mindfront Health’s comprehensive evidence-based diagnosis and therapy system for mental disorders in China, build an industry benchmark, and bring hope to more families with our sincere services.”

Increasing evidence-based facts shows that psychological interventions are very effective for all types of mental disorders and psychological behavior problems. In authoritative guidelines, psychotherapy has become the first choice for intervention programs for some mental disorders and psychological problems, especially psychological behavior disorders in adolescents.

Luye Medical Group has 18 mental health hospitals in Australia and has accumulated more than 40 years of professional service experience, a global leader with mature and perfect multidisciplinary evidence-based diagnosis and therapy system and integrated therapy services. Our psychiatrists have been invited to attend many academic events in China, and we have also held joint training courses in China-Australian Mental Health Therapy Technology with the Continuing Education Group of the Chinese Medical Association’s Psychiatry Division to promote cutting-edge academic exchanges between China and Australia in psychiatric therapy.