13 July 2018
China-US medical collaboration continues despite trade disputes

CGTN, 13 Jul 2018

Cooperation between China and the US in the healthcare sector continues on a smooth track despite recent trade disputes between the two countries.

China-US medical cooperation has produced a new outcome. China’s Luye Medical Group, a branch of Luye Life Sciences Group, has just announced its collaboration with America’s No. 2 hospital Cleveland Clinic to improve medical treatment for Chinese patients.

Luye plans to build a Cleveland Clinic Connected hospital in Shanghai with a 2-billion-yuan (nearly 300 million US dollars) investment. And Cleveland Clinic will share its practices and technology with Luye.

“The hospital will bring the best medical practices to Chinese patients. By collaborating with Cleveland, we will bring here their 120 treatment processes, and more importantly, their advanced hospital management system,” said Liu Dianbo, chairman and president of Luye Life Sciences Group.

China is working with the US, Japan and many other countries in medical research and cooperation, and experts believed that such cooperation shouldn’t and won’t be interrupted by trade disputes as medical science is about saving lives and is beyond borders.

“Medicine transcends a lot of politics around the world,” said Shih-Hung Chen, China representative for the US Cooperative for International Patient Programs.

And both the Luye Group and the Cleveland Clinic expressed confidence in a long-term cooperation no matter what economic relations might be.

“Medical practices by their nature are without boundaries. They are shared globally. This is because they are meant to cure people, straight and simple. So international medical cooperation is very common,” Liu noted, while Tom Mihaljevic, president and CEO of Cleveland Clinic, said, “I firmly believe that medical cooperation is here to stay.”