• 17 Jan 2018

Luye Medical's Sharing at the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Last week, the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference was held as scheduled in San Francisco, bringing together over 450 medical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies from around the world and nearly 10,000 industry leaders, innovative technology creators, and members of the investment community. On the behalf of the Luye Medical, Charles Wang, the CEO of Luye Medical participated the conference and shared company‘s Global VisionDevelopment Strategy and Business Objective at the Asia Track, with global business leaders, institutional investors, suppliers and customers through three keywords.

Now let's look back on these exciting keywords:


Keyword 1: Pan-Asian Layout

In the past five years, Luye Medical successfully acquired and established 41 hospitals and 6 oncology clinics across Australia, Singapore, China and other Asian markets, gaining more leverage in clinical governance, regional leadership expertise, integrated care services model and many others aspects. Luye Medical currently owns 2,900 beds across its network, with over 630,000 patient days per annum and 14,000 outpatient visits.

 In the future, through Brownfield and Greenfield investment, Luye Medical will continue to leverage the synergy across its global business network to compete and deploy in its specialty areas on the basis of leading outcomes and value-based healthcare.


Keyword 2: “Stay to the Vision”

Looking back on the fast expansion of Luye Medical in the past few years, the industry may describe the company as "ambitious". However, such an "ambition" is as a matter of fact, a reflection of the bold vision that Luye Medical keeps.

 "To build a great business, you need a bold vision and a compatible business scale that could provide strong support." Charles said, “Luye Medical’s vision is to be recognized as a global leader in providing innovative, value-based healthcare services, delivering outcomes that matter to patients in care setting that respect their dignity. The vision has played a crucial role in driving our business integration. With a shared value and shared passion on the relentless pursuit of business innovation and excellent clinical outcomes, cross-cultural teams could easily work together to strive for the same goal. "


Keyword 3: Value-based healthcare

Charles stressed that “becoming the pioneer and recognized leader in value-based healthcare in Asian-pacific” is one of the long-term strategic goals of Luye Medical. Patient experience, to a great extent, depends on the medical expenses they made and the actual medical value they received. The core of value-based healthcare lies in being “patient-centric”. When the value of medical services outweighs the expense, patients will then be ensured with better medical experience. In 2018, Luye Medical will firmly implement value-based healthcare strategy on the basis of clinical outcome data and make unremitting efforts to advance the realization of identified strategies!


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the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference