• 12 Jul 2018

Luye Medical Group and Cleveland Clinic International Collaboration Announcement Ceremony

Luye Medical Group announced its strategic collaboration with internationally renowned medical organization – Cleveland Clinic to build the first Cleveland Clinic Connected Hospital in Shanghai’s New Hong Qiao International Medical Center precinct. The international general hospital, guided by the principle of value-based healthcare, will aim to build key clinical specialties with strong global influence. The collaboration will focus on clinical outcomes, complex and high technology procedures, Patient-Centered Integrated Practice Unit and other areas to implement innovative clinical practice with international standards that is customized for China.


Representatives from the Shanghai government, industry association, the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai, Shanghai New Hong Qiao International Medical Center, key opinion leaders and academics from top-tier hospitals in China attended the Luye Medical and Cleveland Clinic International Collaboration Announcement Ceremony held earlier.


In the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the significance of Healthy China 2030 blueprint has been reaffirmed. The private healthcare industry, under the support of favorable policies, will usher in a new chapter of development. Based on “Healthy China 2030”, the Shanghai government released the “Healthy Shanghai 2030” blueprint which indicates that Shanghai will be establishing a cluster of clinical specialist groups, meeting the Shanghai Technology Innovation Center’s goal and positioning Shanghai as Asia’s “Medical Center City” as well as a leader in clinical specialties in China by 2020.


Luye Medical, with the support from Cleveland Clinic, will establish world-leading clinical specialties such as Cardiology, Urology, Oncology etc. and provide international standard healthcare service in the general hospital with the aim to ultimately contribute to achieve the “Healthy China 2030” goal.


A panel discussion titled “Sino-U.S. Collaboration and Prospects of the Healthcare Industry in China” was held during the announcement ceremony. During the session, top-tier academics from different disease areas shared their point of views on the opportunities and challenges of value-based healthcare in China and also provided constructive advice on the international collaboration between Luye Medical and Cleveland Clinic.


“We are honored to work with the Luye Medical Group to bring the first Cleveland Clinic Connected hospital to the city of Shanghai,” said Tom Mihaljevic, M.D., CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic. “Disease and illness know no boundaries or borders, through innovative approaches and teamwork we can work together to impact lives in the healthiest way possible. Collaboration, like the one we are announcing today, aligns with our mission to improve the lives of as many patients as possible in order to advance the ‘Healthy China 2030’ goal.”


“Providing high quality healthcare products, technology and service for patients have always been the aspiration and key driver of Luye Medical Group,” said Liu Dianbo, Chairman of the Board and President of Luye Life Sciences Group. “We are honored to forge this strategic collaboration with Cleveland Clinic, which is renowned to be at the forefront in many clinical specialties around the world. This marks a key milestone in our pursuit of introducing cutting-edge medical technologies, operation models, and management systems to benefit Chinese patients. Sharing the same vision, we are confident that together with Cleveland Clinic, we can make a greater impact to improve the quality of healthcare around the world.”